Purchase Guide

1. Download the Application

Gone are the days where we used a pen and a paper to make a list of items to be purchased. Just download the app and keep putting the items in the cart which you want to purchase:

2. Have a substitution strategy

Any item which you don’t see will definitely have substitution. Look for the feature and use it to your best.

3. Confirm your Order

Check your cart again and cross check the items. Do the required changes and continue.

4. Complete your transaction

Fill in all the required details like name, phone number, address, time of delivery etc. and proceed towards payment.

5. Payment getaway

The accepted mode of payment will be :

  • Visa
  • Mastercards
  • American Express
  • Discover

and proceed towards final check-out.

*Taxes are calculated by your local bank and location.

6. Download and Setup

  • Updated content on a regular basis
  • Secure & hassle-free payment
  • 1-click checkout
  • Easy access & smart user dashboard

Think beyond supermarket. The easy and user-friendly purchase is just one click away. We are not only less expensive than the super-market but also stock lot of other staples. And don’t worry about safety of the products we sell and also the security of your payment when you shop with us. That’s Our Guarantee.